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Frequent Asked Questions

Here are presented the most frequent asked questions by users related to various issues.

Frequent Asked Questions
Which one of your products should i choose ?

We do offer 7 various software. Depending on the casinos you are playing, your type (amateur, professional) and if you fancy playing on live dealer casinos and land based casinos we can propose you a specific product that's suitable for you. All of our software are including complex algorithms and are deciphering casino's software. Please have a look at our products page in order to compare the features of our products. You may also contact our specialist live support team for further details / assistance.
How reliable, accurate the Roulette Checkmate software are ? I will win every time ? What is the win rate ?

It depends on the Roulette Checkmate software you are using and the casino you are playing. One basic software like Roulette Checkmate-3 can hit up to 70% win ratio while a professional software like Roulette Checkmate-M can win up to a 90%.
Roulette Checkmate software are working on any casino ?

Mainly yes... We offer software that win on any type of casino (online, live dealer, land based) and software that win only in online casinos. Roulette Checkmate software have been tested with great success in over 340 online casinos. The full list of supported casinos can be found in the page "Casinos Supported"
From which casino's platforms are the best results achieved ?

Playtech, Net Ent, Microgaming
Is there a relationship between winning and the amount/size of chip put down eg: 1€ chip say to a 25€ ? Or do they have the same accuracy ?

Yes they have the same accuracy. It doesn't matter the amount/size of the stakes, i.e. 1€ is the same to a 25€. What you must be aware of is avoid increasing a lot your stakes in the same session on a casino. Thus we propose to raise your stakes up to two times (2x).
Which Roulette Checkmate software is the most precise and accurate for land based casinos ?
How can i try for free any Roulette Checkmate software and for how long ?

In order to get a free trial in any of our software, you must first register yourself in our web site -it's free and no personal details are required-. Then contact "Live Support" department -press button on the left- and inform them which one of the seven (7) products Roulette Checkmate you wish to try for free. The free trial follows a manually procedure in cooperation with a specialist of "Live Support" department and lasts for one (1) session -can't be applied in other days-.
When i pay for a Roulette Checkmate software after how long i will get access to the software ?

Payment through credit card/Paypal: after a while
Payment through Paysafecard: instantly via "Live Support", otherwise when send email with Paysafecards: after a while.
Can i pay by using more than one (1) Paysafecards ?

How do i get access to the software ? I download the software to my PC or do you send it on a CD ?

You get access to the software through your account in our web site. You don't need to download or install any files on your PC. The license of use of the product is issued in the details of the created account of yours in our web site μας or in your Paypal's account details if you don't have already an account in our web site. Thus your account on our web site is granted access to the software you bought and when you logged in you'll see a link "Use Roulette Checkmate" on the left. In the case you don't have an account on our web site we inform you in order to open one or we open it for you after communication.
Do Roulette Checkmate software work on US casinos with double zeros (00) ?

Our software have been tested and gain profits in over 340 online, live dealer and land based casinos on a single zero (0) roulettes. On US roulettes with double zeros (00) our software haven't been tested yet, so we don't suggest to use them there.
How many patterns or algorithms Roulette Checkmate software have ?

All of our software are being updated and include many new algorithms on a daily basis. So, all of our software do have thousands of algorithms, patterns, triggering, etc.
Why i don't receive any of the emails you send to me ?

That's happening because you haven't accepted the sender -i.e. as a trusty concerning receiving emails by us and that results to our emails go to junk/spam folder.
Is there any case during a day and while i'm using a Roulette Checkmate software face an error ?

Yes it may happen if you use Roulette Checkmate-2, Roulette Checkmate-3, Roulette Checkmate-6, because at that moment our technicians will update the algorithms of those software and you must show a little patience and try again later. This is a standard procedure we follow in order to protect our members by updating the algorithms in all our software. In the rest of our software you won't face an error while we include new algorithms.
Why i logged out of the software system on your web site ?

If you are inactive for twenty (20') minutes in our web site or you don't use any of Roulette Checkmate software, your session will expire and log you out for your safety.
Do the online casinos can figure out that i'm using your software and then ban me ?

Definately No. The online casinos can't figure out that you are using our software since you don't install any software in your pc or tablet in order to be traced. You access and you use our software through our secure web site, so you don't need to worry about it.